The Absurdiyan Podcast, Episode 2: A Bizarre Bazaar of Conversations

In the second episode of The Absurdiyan Podcast, hosts Allye Baker and Bryan Frederick take us on an unpredictable journey through a myriad of bizarre topics. This isn’t your typical podcast episode – it’s a roller coaster ride through the realms of the peculiar and the hilarious.

The hosts kick things off with a surprisingly candid discussion about butt plugs, breaking down taboos and sparking laughs along the way. From there, they switch gears to delve into the practical challenges of bathroom breaks when you’re the sole employee in a convenience store. It’s a problem many wouldn’t think of, but Allye and Bryan tackle it with their unique blend of humor and insight.

Memorable customers from their past also make for some entertaining stories, as do their explorations into the world of masons and Jobs Daughters. The duo’s chemistry shines through as they bounce from topic to topic, keeping listeners engaged and entertained throughout.

Rounding things off, they dive into discussions about twins and the strange childhood habit of chewing on Barbie feet. It’s a weird and wonderful mix that perfectly embodies the spirit of The Absurdiyan Podcast.

Tune in for Episode 2 – a bizaar cross between the bizarre and the everyday, where nothing is off-limits and everything is up for discussion. Prepare yourself for laughs, surprises, and maybe even a few life lessons along the way.






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