The Absurdiyan Podcast #1

Tuesday, 4 October 2023

Allye and Briyan start a podcast, talking about life and its every day absurdity. It’s absurdian with a y. This episode is about 8-year-old Allye’s soccer prowess and being relegated to outdoor soccer due to her freakish power leg wreaking bloody noses and otherwise striking fear into innocent children throughout the league. There’s also something about the Gollemesque butt-smoking girl who befriended Allye and she goes in search of cigarette butts to smoke with Allye in tow. All this and more in episode one!





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Absurdian with a Y is a rambling blog, comic, podcast, zine and bizaar* by Briyan Frederick and Allye Baker. It’s quite possibly other things as well. Absurd, perchance and per sé.


the Bizaar

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*a portmanteau of “bizarre” and “bazaar”