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  • He Knows What You Did Last Night

    He Knows What You Did Last Night

  • Guilty Pickin’ Got No Rhythm

    Guilty Pickin’ Got No Rhythm

    I was looking through recommended songs and my arm-cyst started itching and this song came up. “Baby it’s better this way, we’ve hurt each other from the very first day…I’m never gonna pick again, the way I’ve picked with you….” “Guilty pickin’, got no rhythm.” Yes, I’m laughing at my own joke. It’s fucking gold,…

  • Skate


    I’ve never wanted to skate so much in my life.

  • being less bendy than most

    being less bendy than most

    Everyone makes that passively arrogant face when they do this too. Maybe I’m just jealous because I can’t do it very well on account of my metacarpal and trapezium being less bendy than most hands. Or maybe I’m just stupid. Either way.

  • You Are Ruth

    You Are Ruth

    Dude! My middle name is Ruth AND I’ve had a kink in my neck for several days now.

  • Vincent & Kermit

    Vincent & Kermit

  • $3 He-Man T-Shirt

    $3 He-Man T-Shirt

    $3 shirt from the D.I. I thought it was He-Man, or at least Thunder Cats at first, but I’ve settled with it being Star Wars. If it wasn’t in Japanese or moon letters or whatever, I wouldn’t entertain wearing it, but honestly it looks cool. And it fits my bloated being haha.

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